ClassyKite Forum has shut its doors (at least for a while)

It is with great sadness that announce that the ClassyKite forum has been closed down.

Unfortunately, things come and go and while this forum was originally intended (and used) as a haven from commercially linked sites, in recent years participation has dropped to almost nothing.

But more to blame was the obnoxious and non-stop SPAM attacks which eventually wore me down as I got weary of clearing out ficticious signups, fending off script attacks and reading e-mail failure reports. It is sad that the Internet has devolved into a place where a majority of bandwidth is consumed by crap, or people trying to rip other people off, or steal information. The fact that keeping a forum up and running requires an active role in policing and cleaning up is insulting. Currently my free time has been quite limited and that activity is just not something I want to do anymore. At some point I may get a chance to devote more time to kites and the kiting community but work and family is taking priority right now. I was thrilled to actually get out last weekend and have my 9 year old daughter not only show interest in trying out flying a two line kite, but actually did a great job flying my custom QPro vented solo. It was a beautiful fall day and we enjoyed a picnic and flying both single line and dual line kites. To the people in the past who were great participants and "web friends", and who I enjoyed interacting with here and through e-mail, I certainly always would appreciate a "hello" by e-mail.

The ClassyKite Admin
classykite {at} fesdigital {dot} com